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WEB and SW Developments Cloud Services Products
Development of mobile Apps for Android and iOS. OVD solutions, pre-installed on servers and SmartClients. Development of Linux based Thin Clients (SmartClients).
Joomla and WEB Apps Development Services. Thin Client and OVD Consulting and Support Services. Design of Linux/Windows professional (Thin) SmartStations.
Frameworks and Templates for Joomla and other CMS. Hosted Cloud based turn-key IT Services. Design of Linux/Windows Thin & Data Center Grade Servers.


Welcome to SmartFlexTech

SmartFlexTech, is a  Software Development Company, in the past predominantly operating within the ThinClient and Network Computing space. SmartFLexTech Thin Clients (SmartClients) were, for many years, one of the most widely used Thin Client solution in the Retail Chain Store POS markets. Our Linux based SmartClients, Thin Workstations and Servers are developed, assembled and supported in the USA. Once again, SmartClients are ideally positioned to become a leading Client Solution for Cloud Computing. The newest Addition is our advanced  NETiON SmartClient for Browser based and/or OVD Cloud Computing.

To extend its reach into the Internet Software Development space, SmartFLexTech is enriching its Product and Service Portfolio by adding Internet/WEB software development services. Initiated by the Founder of SmartFLexTech, we are introducing the new cooperative platform 'Virtual IT Concepts'.

The Virtual IT Concepts platform matches the resources, developments and expertise of SmartFLexTech with complimentary resources of its partners to create new and powerful IT solutions for today's Cloud Computing based business environments. Within the Virtual IT Concept platform, customers receive consulting, support and development expertise along with business services that draw from the knowledge, experience and specialization of all its partners.

SmartFLexTech products are distributed through our OEM/Reseller partners (please contact us for your nearest OEM/Reseller). Customers and Reseller can either order HW products from our OEM partners or directly from us (orders will be processed and invoiced by our OEM partners).


News Flash

10/10/2017 - SmartFLexTech releases OVD 2.4.1


04/10/2017 - Check out our newest Software and OEM Service Portfolio.


04/10/2017 - SmartFLexTech signs development agreement with STRATOnetix and Microapex to develop a Cloud based Storage Infrastructure.


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