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SmartFLeX Technology (SFT), established in 1994 as IGEL LLC - renamed to its current name in 2001, is the oldest and most experienced privately held US based Thin Client development company. Its Linux based SmartClients, Thin Workstations and Servers are developed, assembled and supported in the USA. SmartFLeX Technology products are used by many retail chains, educational institutions, call centers and industrial manufacturing.

SFT develops the Linux based Thin Client stack that defines the SmartClient products and develops Linux Server and Workstation solutions for its partners.

Since 2015, SFT is enriching its Product and Service Portfolio by adding mobile Apps- , WEB Apps-  and WEB software development services. For WEB SIte development services SFT features the Joomla CMS, including Framework and Template development.

SFT products are distributed through OEM partners and via Direct Sales to Resellers and Commercial Customers in North America via its OEM Microapex Computer Systems. Over the years many world wide operating Thin Client manufacturers (OEMs) have licensed our Software Framework to develop their own Thin Client Variants to be sold under their own label.





Virtual IT Concepts (VIC) is a cooperative platform, initiated by the Founder of SmartFLeX Technology. The platform matches the resources, developments and expertise of SmartFLeX Technology with complimentary resources of its partners to create new and powerful IT solutions for today's Cloud Computing based business environments.

Within the VIC  platform customers receive consulting, support and development expertise and services that draws from the knowledge, experience and specialization of all its partners. Subscribing customers are offered favorable pricing and support options and can directly communicate and conduct business with registered VIC partners.

VIC is currently developing a partner program where new partners are to be added for providing similar services to subscribing customers

VIC partner STRATOnetix will be offering cloud hosted turnkey IT solutions, hosted, internal and hybrid, on a subscription base to Small Businesses. This will allow small businesses to focus on their core business without the burden of managing their own IT department.


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