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Test Drive OVD or Conduct a OVD Cloud PoC

Professional PoC Service for Commercial End Users and Resellers


Our OVD Demo Cloud Program is a commercial only offering to our customers and resellers.

Our registered OVD resellers and commercial customers can lease short or long term demo accounts to create test scenarios for their own OVD based cloud services. These reseller specific demo accounts can then be used to demonstrate their offer to their customers or to create PoC (proof of concept) scenarios for specific customer projects.

SmartFLexTech, will help to set up these demo and PoC scenarios. This provides the most cost effective opportunity to our OVD resellers and customers for quickly setting up and demonstrating specific cloud scenarios. Whether considering reselling our OVD cloud products and services or wishing to demonstrate OVD-based solutions / create PoCs, professional solution providers and customers can now take advantage of an immediate, dynamic service, delivering the capability to address their corporate strategies and clients needs without incurring any upfront environmental costs. Our company will help resellers and customers on the back-end of our OVD demo setup to create professional showcases at minimal cost with which they can test if a proposed cloud scenario suits their own business and their customers needs.

Individual professional end users interested in experiencing how an OVD cloud setup works and feels can request a free temporary demo account with a pre-configured mix of standard business applications published from both Linux and Windows Application Servers.

  • Professional End Users: Free, Session access limited to 3 business days.

  • VARs, System Integrators ...: US$89.00/month/3 months minimum; includes customized account setup, performance monitoring, account maintenance.

  • Professional End User PoCs: US$125.00/month; includes customized account setup, performance monitoring, account maintenance.

  • Optional customized PoC terms are available.

Our OVD Demo Cloud Setup


OVD Demo Cloud


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