SmartFlexTech - Service Portfolio

Consulting & Training

  • Linux and Thin Client Network Consulting and Training for Reseller, IT Departments, Educational Institutions and Small Businesses

  • Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) Cloud Computing

OEM Services & Licensing

  • SmartClient OEM licensing

  • OVD Support, Licensing & Customization

Reseller Consulting

  • OVD PoC, Installation, Support and Services

  • Thin Client and Terminal Server Deployment Consulting

  • Project Consulting & Support

  • Linux Integration & Marketing Consulting

IT Department & End User Consulting

  • OVD PoCs, Installtion, Support & Training

  • Integrating Linux in Windows environments

  • Linux in Small Business Consulting

  • Linux Deployment and Integration

Software Development

  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

  • Joomla WEB Development

  • CMS Frameworks and Templates

  • WEB Applications

  • Core Technologies:

Android Apple java node Joomla
PHP Ruby Rails Python MySQL Hadoop

We employ and contract the most experienced Linux developers and integrators and only the best and most experienced Software devoplers to support our Core Technologies. The combined knowledge of these SmartFLexTech resources is now available to YOU.

As a Linux Product Design company and Mobile, WEB Application and CMS Software Developers, SmartFLexTech is a knowledge portal for YOU, providing you with development services that will enable YOU to get the most out of Linux and our supported Core Technolgies. Resellers can use our services to create new products, services and markets. End users can use our services to solve their day-to-day Linux and Software Development challenges.

In addition, our company provides a wide range of Linux products that are tested solutions to build a Linux business or infrastructure.

We help you to determine if either technology is right for you, and we can guide, consult and support you during and after the process of implementation. You have nothing to lose, our products and services are tested, approved and used by Retail Organizations, Schools, Government Agencies, Call Centers and almost any other type of business one can think off. 

Please call or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your needs  so we may offer the services that will match and benefit YOUR requirements.

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