SmartFlexTech - OEM Software Licensing

SmartFlexTech has a long history of providing OEMs with top notch Linux based Technology Solutions. Over the years we have successfully licensed our Thin Client technology to major players in this field and our OEM business continues to be a major revenue source for our company. Our SmartClient SW allows OEMs to rapidly develop new embedded Linux based Appliances - from Terminal devices to Thin Clients, Silent PCs, special function appliances and server solutions. Easy to learn, easy to implement and easy on your pocket in terms of licensing terms and product time to market schedules.

No hidden costs -- No nonsense business

We offer total protection of your Intellectual Property once you license our technology to create your own products.


How we work for YOU

  • We work with you from the first designs all the way to support and maintenance.

  • Throughout a project, we will communicate with you, daily if necessary, to make sure all you needs and concerns are addressed.

  • We help to build YOUR product in the most efficient way.

Our Core Technologies available to YOU and your software projects

Android Apple Java Node Joomla
PHP Ruby Rails Python MySQL Hadoop



Here are some of the options we have available for OEMs:

  • NEW: Option SW Development: Mobile Apps, WEB Apps, WEB Sites and WEB Portals ... and more. Call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us what you need.

  • NEW: Option CLOUD: License a customized OVD Cloud Solution and sell it under your own brand name.

  • Option SC1: OEM versions of our Thin Client Solutions. We can modify our existing products for you so they may become YOUR product that you can offer under your own label. These products will include your own boot logo and mix of client modules. There are usually no development costs involved, only low licensing and maintenance fees. There is no need for you to license third party client modules or terminal emulators - they are licensed and maintained by us and are included in the license fees.

  • Option SC2: Development of Linux Appliances. YOU have a new product idea that involves embedded Linux technology? Talk to us, we can help, and since we are a US based company there is no need to worry about YOUR intellectual property - NEVER. What is YOUR's stays YOUR's.

  • Option SC3: Licensing of ready to use Thin Client Flash Modules to build and market YOUR own Thin Client based on our reference HW platforms. If branding of your own label is not of concern to you, but you like to be in control of Thin Client HW forecasting, quality and sourcing, this option is for you. Store enough of our ready to use SmartClient Modules and order your Thin Client  directly from the same vendor we order. We even help you to negotiate the price.

  • Option SC4: Licensing of our FLEXiON System to develop YOUR own embedded Linux Appliances and Thin Clients. This option is ideal for high volume OEMs with the desire to have total control over their product - from Hardware to Software, sourcing, pricing and branding. We offer a variety of support and maintenance options to suit your needs.

  • Option SCn: Talk to us about your specific needs, we can offer any variant of above options and maybe some we did not think of - yet.


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